Burdock Root Extract

Product Name: Burdock Root Extract
Other Name: Arctium Lappa Powder
Part of Used: Root/Seed
Appearance:Yellow Brown powder

Greenway Supply Customized Formulation Burdock Root Extract

burdock root (Arctium Lappa) is a powdery herbal mixture suitable for your cells. These 3 ingredients contain natural nutrients and minerals, including iodine. It also helps promote immunity, promote skin health, joint support, ketogenic detoxification and cleansing, sexual health, mental focus
and digestive health.


Burdock Root (Arctium Lappa)

 Product Name:  Burdock Root (Arctium Lappa)
 Test:   HPLC
 Spec./Purity:   Arctiin 10%-20%,40%
 Appearance:   Light Yellow to Brown Powder
 Active Ingredients:  Arctiin 
 Type:  Herbal Extract
 Shelf Life:  2 Years

Product Function

1.Burdock root extract has the function of anti-tumor effect,Burdock root extract have anticancer activity.

2.Burdock root extract contains antibacterial ingredients, the main anti-staphylococcus aureus. 3.Burdock root extract has the function of anti-nephritis activity, it has effective treatment of acute nephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis.

4.Burdock root extract can promote bowel movements, lower cholesterol, reduce toxins and waste accumulation in the body, prevent and treat functional constipation.

5.Burdock root extract contains inulin, the water extract significantly reduced blood glucose in long time, increased the amount of carbohydrate tolerance.


Certificates of Analysis
Product Name Burdock root extrct Batch No HQ-210322
Item Specification Result Method
Appearance Brown Powder Complies Visual
Odor Characteristic Complies Organoleptic
Taste Characteristic Complies Organoleptic
Drying Method Vacuum drying Complies /
Loss on Drying ≤10.0% 4.30% TQ-104(105°C/2h)
Ash (Sulphated Ash) ≤10.0% 5.56% TQ-104(525°C/3h)
Particle Size NLT 100% Through 80 mesh Complies AOAC973.03(TQ_106)
Total Heavy Metals ≤10ppm Complies ICP/MS AOAC 993.14
Lead(Pb) ≤1ppm Complies ICP/MS AOAC 993.14
Arsenic(As) ≤1ppm Complies ICP/MS AOAC 993.14
Cadmium (Cd) ≤1ppm Complies ICP/MS AOAC 993.14
Mercury(Hg) ≤0.05ppm Complies ICP/MS AOAC 993.14
Total Plate Count ≤10,000cfu/g 5000cfu/g AOAC996. 23
Total Yeast & Mold ≤1,000cfu/g 100cfu/g (BAM) 7th Ed.
E.Coli Negative Negative USP33,NF28,2010
Salmonella Negative Negative USP33,NF28,2010
Staphylococcus Negative Negative USP33,NF28,2010
Conclusion The product meet the testing requirements

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