Ajuga Turkest Extract

Product Name:: Turkesterone
Appearance: Brown powder
Specification: 99%
Function: Food Grade/Health supplements

Ajuga Turkest Extract Powder Turkesterone capsule for Bodybuilding
Ajuga turkestanica (ajuga for short) is one bodybuilding supplement that won't let you down. Native to Uzbekistan, ajuga is a flowering plant used in traditional Eastern medicine. Its shoots and leaves help treat digestive upset, cardiovascular issues and general aches and pains. Ajuga turkestanica is a plant used in traditional medicine for its high ecdysteroid content, including the presence of the particularly active turkesterone, which possess efficient anabolic activity.

Ajuga Turkest Extract Powder Turkesterone capsule for Bodybuilding

 Product Name:  Ajuga Turkest Extract Powder
 Botanical Source:   Ajuga Turkestanica Extract
 Spec./Purity:   2%,5%,10%,95%
 Appearance:   Brown to Yellowish powder
 Active Ingredients.:  Turkesterone
 Partical size:  100% pass 80 mesh
 Shelf Life:  2 Years

Product Function  

1. Diuretic effect: Because of its high potassium content.

2. Lowering blood pressure

3. Antibiotic action

4. Antifungal effect

5. Anti-inflammatory effect: enhance the synthesis and secretion of adrenal cortex.

6. Suppress the immune system: Subcutaneous injection of Prunella vulgaris injection can significantly shrink the thymus and spleen of experimental animals and enlarge their adrenal glands.

Certificate of Analysis


Items Specifications Results
Assay (%) >10.0 10.12
Identification IR
Appearance Brown Powder Complies
Taste A little Bitter Complies
Sieve Analysis (Mesh) >100 Complies
Loss on Drying (%) <5 Complies
Total Ash (%) <5 Complies
Heavy Metals
Lead (mg/kg) <2.0 Complies
Arsenic (mg/kg) <1.0 Complies
Cadmium (mg/kg) <1.0 Complies
Total Plate Count (cfu/g) <1,000 Complies
Yeast & Mold (cfu/g) <100 Complies
E.Coli (cfu/g) Negative Complies
Salmonella (cfu/g) Negative Complies

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